Working HexipalEdit

The hexipal puzzle in Shay's route in Act 2 is one of the hardest puzzles to solve. It requires a lot of thinking and information from Vella's route in Act 2.

Items NeededEdit

An item you need for it is a broken hexipal which you can find by where the Shellmound maidens used to stand. The other is wire. You can get this from Car'l, and you have to give her the talking fish and show her the crochet hook from Act 1.


Solving the PuzzleEdit

To charge Shay's hexipal, you need to go to Vella's perspective and look at the picture with the Voltas in the central station. The symbols next to Hope are the symbols you need to use to charge hexipals. After you remember the order, you must figure out which point is which symbol by connecting wires at different spots and putting him at the charge station (they change for each playthrough, so you can't just look it up). Then you must connect the wires in the order the symbols were in the picture and place the hexipal on the charge station.

There are also actions that you activate by connecting wires in a certain order (dancing, waving and playing harp/tickling). You must figure this on your own since the symbol points change for each playthrough.

In Shay's perspective you need the playing harp action on a harp in the music room to distract the Diamond Droogs (tetrapals). Later you need to give the hexipal a hammer and re-wire him to wave to play the drums to distract Alex in order to let Vella activate the Death Ray.

In Vella's perspective you need the playing harp/tickling action to tickle the Space Weaver to distract Hope in order to let Vella set the boom arms settings to manual and let Shay use Grabbin' Gary.

Responses Edit

Depending on how you wired your hexipal, Shay/Vella will respond with different responses.

If wired correctly: Edit

Shay/Vella will say something like "That's the [action] pattern."

If pattern and order are correct, but direction isn't: Edit

Shay/Vella will say something like "That looks MOSTLY right. I hope direction of the wires doesn't matter.".

If pattern and direction are correct, but order isn't: Edit

Shay/Vella will say something like "That looks MOSTLY right. I hope order doesn't matter.".

If wired incorrectly: Edit

Shay/Vella will say something different like "At least he's got more wires now!"