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Welcome to Shellmound

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Welcome to Shellmound is part of Vella's Storyline in Broken Age. Here, we will further unravel the mysteries surrounding Vella and Mog Chothra.

Inventory[ | ]

Cloud Safe Ladder
Cloud Shoes
Stained Glass Sun
Art Piece

Walkthrough[ | ]

Head over the bridge, then go south towards the seagulls. Here, you'll find some Driftwood, which you can add to your inventory. Click on what the seagulls are eating, and you'll see the seagulls are really attracted to the fish blood. Keep that in mind.

Head up and right towards the maidens. You'll see some perfume which they call Beast Hooker near them. You can't get to it yet, but remember it's there. Head right and up the stairs, and speak to the guards, Dead Eye Dawn and Dead Eye Courtney. They'll tell you about the Dead Eye Pyramid and the Riddle of Yorn. Keep talking to them to get the option "Hey, can I get you guys something?", and then "Some more holy tear gas?". Then, you will get the item Holy Tear Gas Gun.

The Riddle of Yorn is as follows:

You always take us down
When we are in our prime
Devour your sweet rewards
Yet I'll return in time
A child of mine will rise
Out of his rotten bed
Up from a hidden pit
Long after I am dead

The solution is the piece of Fruit in your inventory. Give them the fruit, and you will gain access to the next area.