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Welcome to Meriloft

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Welcome to Meriloft is part of Vella's Storyline in Broken Age. In the longest single scene, we discover the wonderful floating cloud home of Meriloft, and the secrets it holds.

Inventory[ | ]


Walkthrough[ | ]

As you fly up on the bird, you will lose your Knife and Corset. Talk to the two guys to the south of you, Walt'r and Ch't, to learn more about the world around you.

As you walk on the clouds, you'll see that you will slowly fall through if you stay in one place too long, and if you walk into the pools of light, you will fall completely. Don't work, birds will catch you, but it is quite annoying, so avoid it as best you can.

First, travel south down the ladder. Here, you will find a girl named Twyla hanging on a swing, a sacrifice that Mog Chothra passed over. Tell her "I really like your outfit", and she will mention shoes. Then, ask her for her shoes, and you will get the Cloudshoes item, which will let you walk on clouds. Click and drag then from your inventory bar to Vella, and you can now walk wherever you want (except for the pools of light) without sinking! Go back up the ladder.

Now, go to the North East and go up the stairs. Here, you will meet Car'l, who will lose her knife in the cutscene. You will also first learn of Harm'ny Lightbeard, the cultish guru of this land.

Go back down the stairs, and head to the right. Talk to the girl, M'ggie, who will eventually give you the dialogue option "What are you doing here, exactly?". This will then allow you to ask, "How do you get to the eggs in the high nest?", and "Hey, can I borrow your ladder?". This will get you the Ladder item.

Use the Ladder to get to the platform behind Maggie, where you will find your mother's Knife. Return to Car'l, and give her your knife. She will give you the Too Large Cloudshoes. Drag the Too Large Cloudshoes onto the Ladder, and you will make the Cloud Safe Ladder. Go down the stairs, and to the far left.

Now we're going to talk to Harmn'y. Here, there are three bowls awaiting donations. Talk to the guard F'ther, and place the Cloud Safe Ladder in a bowl. Ascend the ladder.

You can talk to Harmn'y however you want, but choosing "Can you help me kill Mog Chothra?" will get you the first of three golden eggs needed to progress; choose "Are you done with that golden egg?" to make it fall to the area below. Ask "Why are you up so high?".

Go back down the ladder, and retrieve your Cloud Safe Ladder, as well as the Golden Egg. Go back to the right.

Go up to the blue bird who saved you, who is named Jessie. Use the Cloud Safe Ladder to climb up, and move behind her. Once you get to the giant fruit tree, go the pool of light surrounding the tree and jump down. Here, you will find Gus. Talk to him, then head back up the tree using the tree hollow.

Go to the left, behind the tree, and click on the low-hanging branch to drop a piece of fruit to the area below. Head back towards the right, and enter the glowing spot nearest the tree to fall down below and get Jessie's Egg. Head left from here, and find the fruit from earlier. Grab it to get the Fruit item. Return to Jessie, and give her the egg to get the second Golden Egg needed to move forward.

Move to the right from here, and take the path north of M'ggie. Here, you'll find the third Golden Egg, protected by a rude bird. Use the ladder to get up and take it, and head back to where we climbed the ladder to Harmn'y. Put each golden egg in the baskets, and climb the ladder; you'll start stomping on the ladder, which will break and drop you below the clouds, into the forest below.