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Below are characters whose names are mentioned but are never seen.

Becky Yorn[ | ]

Becky Yorn is the friend and/or enemy of Dead Eye Dawn and Dead Eye Courtney. They often tease each other. One time Becky Yorn told them a riddle they could not figure out called the Riddle of Yorn. They use this riddle as a password to the Dead Eye Pyramid, one that Vella must solve to enter. She is known to steal artifacts from the Dead Eye Pyramid and sell them for money. She is also Curtis's ex-girlfriend. He does not miss her at all. At some point, she left Shellmound.

Clarence[ | ]

Clarence is the off-screen worker operating the crane that builds the arena for the Shellmound Maiden's Feast out of the sand and takes instructions shouted by Marshal Dune. The ocean keeps knocking down his creations until Vella gives Marshal Dune sap to reinforce the sand.