Twyla (voiced by Catherine Cavadini) is a maiden who lives in Meriloft. She was one of three offerings to Mog Chothra during Meriloft's Maiden's Feast, and the only one who wasn't chosen.


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Twyla is first found by Vella when exploring Meriloft. She is perched on a small offering swing on set of lower clouds. Vella discovers that she was a sacrifice in Meriloft's own Maiden's Feast, but she wasn't chosen. The maiden will give Vella a pair of Small Cloud Shoes for talking to her.

Later, Shay will meet Twyla as Vella's mother attempts to cheer her up. Twyla reveals that she has a talent for sewing, and is able to use Shay's Baby Radiation Suit as a pattern to sew him a Radiation Suit.


The maiden is shown to be depressed for not being chosen for the Maiden's Feast, she is too ashamed to face her family after not being chosen and instead continues to hide on her perch.