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Twyla is one of the minor characters in Broken Age.

Biography[ | ]

Twyla was one of the three offerings for the Meriloft Maidens Feast; however, she was the only one to not get chosen and sits on a swing in what is left of the Maidens Feast.

Act 1[ | ]

Twyla is first found by Vella when exploring Meriloft. She is perched on a small offering swing set of lower clouds. Vella discovers that she was a sacrifice in Meriloft's own Maidens Feast, but she wasn't chosen. The maiden will give Vella a pair of Small Cloud Shoes for talking to her.

Act 2[ | ]

Shay meets Twyla as Vella's mother, Morelia, attempts to cheer her up. Twyla reveals that she has a talent for sewing, and is able to use Shay's Baby Radiation Suit as a pattern and the Material of the Druid's robes to sew him a Radiation Suit, which she adds feathers to.

Quotes[ | ]

Vella: "Well, I'll leave you alone."
Twyla: "Just like Mog Chothra did. I'm used to it."
Shay: "Great! But what's with all the feathers?"
Twyla: "Just because I was working off a pattern doesn't mean I can't inject a little personal style does it?"
Morelia: "Dear you are an incredible talent!"

Trivia[ | ]

  • The name Twyla comes from the English word meaning "twilight."
  • In the End Credits, Twyla is shown selling her feather creations at a craft fair.