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The Bomb

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The Bomb is part of Vella's Storyline in Broken Age.

Inventory[ | ]

Shay Decoy
Fusion Orb
Cup of Cereal

Walkthrough[ | ]

Go to the dining room and get the Shay Decoy. Head over to the doors with the ice-cream mountain on them, and enter. Go to the frosting dispenser and interact with the nozzle using the Shay Decoy. Put on the cloud shoes, and go towards the yarn pals. Fill the Fishbowl with ice-cream. Go back to the nexus, return to the hallway obstacle you moved earlier, and use the center door. Use the ice-cream from the fishbowl to remove the Fusion Orb. Go back to Mom's room, and change the dining room's computer to Good Morning. Use the claw to lower the box of cereal. Pause it halfway down, and leave the computer. Go to the dining room and interact with the cereal, triggering a cleaning robot. Race to the nexus and use the door to the far right, and a cutscene that will give you a Cup of Cereal. Interact with the chute using the Fishbowl.