Spoon is a sentient utensil named Stratford on the Bassinostra. He is voiced by John Cygan.


At one point in his life, Stratford was in a relationship with Lorraine the Fork. However, Dutch Knife eventually came between them somehow. Stratford was heartbroken and consequently volunteered to be Shay's spoon, believing it to be a suicide mission since Shay has not always been gentle with his utensils.

Act I Edit

Every morning, Stratford cheerfully assists Commander Shay to eat his daily bowl of cereal, offering nutritional facts and eating encouragement in the process.

In the avalanche simulator, he is used for eating the ice cream to free the dolls.

Lorraine and Stratford eventually made up and went on to have a spork.


  • "Make like a train and chew, chew, chew!"
  • "I can't wait to be in your mouth again."
  • "Let's start mission nutrition!"


  • Spoon is the first object that is put in Shay's inventory.
  • Spoon is one of the only items that Shay keeps with him the whole time, from start to finish.