The Space Weaver is the navigation robot of the Bassinostra. He is voiced by Richard Horvitz.


The Space Weaver is the primary transportation engine of Bassinostra. It weaves a space chart on yarn and counts down to when the chart will be implemented. He transports Shay and the ship to three different locations until the ship discovers what is happening.  After Shay gets another space chart from Marek, he refuses to input the chart and insists that he takes the ship to the Cozy Cluster instead. Shay then messes with the space chart on the cloth and sends them to the correct location.  The Weaver panicks and attempts to fix the cloth, but he is out of yarn. The Weaver then yells about how humilated he is, malfunctions, and shuts down.

Quotes Edit

  • "There is no room in the Space Weaver's life for friendship."


  • Richard Horvits has also voiced Raz from Psychonauts, another Double Fine character.