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Snake is a minor character and item appearing in Broken Age.

Biography[ | ]

The snake lives in the forest of Shellmound on the path to the left of the Lumberjack's house. It will attack anyone who crosses it by wrapping itself around its victim and constricting them. If the victim blows the tuba that Curtis set up next to its path, the snake will run away.

Act 1[ | ]

If Vella gets her directions mixed up and heads on the left path, the snake will attack her. The snake will run away if she blows the horn, but if she does not, she will pass out and wake up in Curtis' cabin.

Act 2[ | ]

When Shay meets the snake, he lets it constrict him as he is immune from all the hug attacks he received as a child. The snake will become tired out, and Shay will pick it up. Shay nicknames the snake "Mr. Huggy" after a snake plush he owned as a child. Later, Shay uses the snake on Marshal Dune to dislodge a wind instrument out of his throat. After Marshal Dune can breathe again, Shay kicks away the snake, and it goes back to its tree.