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Shay's Room, Part II

Shay's Bedroom
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Shay's Room, Part II is part of Shay's Storyline in Broken Age. The mystery deepens around Shay.

Inventory[ | ]


Walkthrough[ | ]

Once you finish the last section, the computer will end all further missions. Shay will pretend to be asleep, but clicking him will get him up.

Open your inventory and open the present, which will give you a Grabbin' Gary. Off to the right, grab the Air Tank attached to the humidifier, which will add it to your inventory.

Keep walking right and you'll see a vent. Use your Screwdriver here, and you'll find an Inflatable Raft to add to your inventory. Add the Inflatable Raft and the Air Tank together in your inventory, and you'll get the Little Lazy Me.

Use the Little Lazy Me on your bed, and you'll place a decoy of yourself in bed.

Go back to the vent and crawl through it. The Little Lazy Me will fool the computer.