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Claudia (also known as the Rose Maiden) is a minor character in Broken Age.

Biography[ | ]

Claudia is a resident of Sugar Bunting who was selected for the Maiden's Feast. Her dress reads "Delish!," and is decorated with chocolate roses and thorns.

Act 1[ | ]

The Rose Maiden is eager to be taken by Mog Chothra during the Sugar Bunting Maiden's Feast, but regrets it right before she is eaten. She believes that she is giving her life to Mog Chothra so that the village will be saved. She is the second maiden to be taken before Vella.

Act 2[ | ]

The Rose Maiden and the other maidens are put into a small cell without food, where they discover Mog Chothra is a machine. They wait there, not knowing what is going on. Vella interacts with the maidens and gives them cereal. Even though the Rose Maiden is not shown, it is revealed that she is in there too. The Rose Maiden is later shown escaping the melting ships and getting to safety on one side of the newly formed bridge.

Quotes[ | ]

Vella: "Does that dress have any thorns we can use as weapons?"

Rose Maiden: "It does, but their made out of chocolate! Regardless, I accept my noble burden not with apprehension but with (gulps) joy! I give my life so that no harm comes to our village!"

"Oh god! I've changed my mind, I've changed my mind!" (About to be eaten by Mog Chothra)