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Rocky is a minor character in Broken Age.

Biography[ | ]

Rocky is the sister of Vella, the daughter of Morelia and Husker and the granddaughter of Brommel. She is a young, high-spirited child with a knack for mischief.

Act 1[ | ]

Rocky was very excited about Vella's participation in the Maidens Feast and wished that she could also participate despite being too young. She spends the first act getting Vella into the house and waiting for the Maidens Feast to begin.

Act 2[ | ]

After the Maidens Feast is revealed as a sham, Rockt and her family go to Meriloft to search for Vella. She teams up with M'ggie and sells cupcakes with her to spread awareness about the lies of the Maidens Feast. Later, she boards Alex's ship with her family to find Vella and escapes when the ships melt down.

Quotes[ | ]

Rocky: "Don't touch the red ones, Mom made those just for me!"

Vella: "You're going to eat all of those?"

Rocky: "I've already had 6!"

Vella: "That explains a lot."

Rocky: "Here's your cupcake! The red frosting is special, it was her favorite kind. Well actually it's my favorite kind, but I never let her have any before, and now she's gone so now I wish I could."

M'ggie: "Hey Rocky, it's ok. We're going to find her. You know, she's probably out beating up some poor old Mog right now!"

Shay: "That is most defiantly true."

Trivia[ | ]

  • In Double Fine Adventure! EP10, the game's creator revealed that Rocky is short for Raquel
  • The name Raquel comes from the Hebrew word meaning "innocent"
  • Rocky loves red frosted cupcakes and finds white frosted ones gross