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Red Hanger

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Red Hanger is part of Vella's Storyline in Broken Age.

Inventory[ | ]

Spool of Yarn

Walkthrough[ | ]

After throwing the fusion bomb down the chute, head through the large door on the left. Don't go through it to the other hallway, but the one next to it. Interact with the yarn pals using the frosting stuffed Shay Decoy. Choose to do the wave. Vella will get banned from the train ride, but gets a lot of Yarn. Combine the yarn with the talking fork to get the Spool of Yarn. Go to Marek's bedroom, and interact with the wires behind the door. Grab the hook from the Shellmound maiden. Use the cereal on the door and collect the food. Interact with the wires by the door to a cutscene, which will get Marek to come into his bedroom. Get into Marek's hideout by the hole in Shay's room. Trigger the lock by interacting with the green button, picking up the star chart. Go to the space weaver and use the spool of yarn on him. Go below the Space Weaver and use the scarf with the hook you got earlier. Switch to Shay and save the choking mayor. This will give you a whistle. Switch back to Vella after you're done.