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Morelia is a minor character in Broken Age.

Biography[ | ]

Morelia is the mother to Vella and Rocky, the wife to Husker and the daughter of Brommel. She is kind and understanding to both family and strangers but can be stubborn at times.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Act 1[ | ]

She is proud of Vella's participation in the Maidens Feast and spends most of the first act looking for her ceremonial knife. She and her family watch the Maidens Feast as Vella escapes.

Act 2[ | ]

After the Maidens Feast is revealed as a sham, Morelia and her family go to Meriloft to search for Vella. Morelia comforts Twyla and attempts to lift her spirits. Later, she boards Alex's ship with her family to find Vella and escapes when the ships melt down.

Quotes[ | ]

"Oh, we're going to miss your sense of humor."

Shay: "What exactly IS a Maidens Feast?"

Morelia: "Something we've always had to do, so we were told. And we believed it. We thought it a great honor. We were so happy for Vella. So proud of her. So foolish."

Trivia[ | ]

  • The name Morelia comes from the Polish word meaning "apricot"
  • In the End Credits, Morelia is shown hugging Vella, celebrating with her family, and playing cards with her husband and Shay's parents