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Mission Control is part of Shay's Storyline. We face a gamut of missions and discover some dark secrets.

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Walkthrough[ | ]

Here, you can take a whole bunch of missions. The missions are relatively short and easy.

For the Avalanche mission, use the Spoon on the ice cream with the yarn pals. For Defending the Friendship Circle, walk down the stairs and talk to the yarn pal that's moaning in pain. Suit up for the foreign body excursion. Walk up to it, and click on it to receive the Present. Choose "Let's catch that runaway train!" to continue the story.

In the mission, click on the bridge man to have Shay yell at him. This will create a bridge. Once the yarn pal has let go of the track, click on the bridge man again to close the bridge. Once you finish, there's a cutscene, and for the first time, you're introduced to Marek, who will throw you a Screwdriver.