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Meriloft is a major location in the story of Broken Age.Meriloft is a city in the sky. The city consists of giant birds and preeners (those who take care of the birds). Most people follow Harm'ny Lightbeard, a guru who promotes a belief of lightness- i.e. not owning heavy things, no extra letters in names, walking on clouds, etc. This is one of the first locations visited by Vella during Act 1 of Broken Age.

Appearances[ | ]

Welcome to Meriloft

Residents[ | ]

Internal Areas[ | ]

  • Main Area
  • Nesting Grounds
  • Meriloft's Maidens Feast Area
  • Harmn'y's Offering Site
  • Harmn'y's Cloud
  • Giant Fruit Tree

Trivia[ | ]

  • Meriloft has a Woopsie-Birdy System. If anyone falls, the birds carry you back to the cloud.
  • There are "Vortexes" all over the clouds. If you walk through them, you'll fall through.
  • You can't stay aloft on a cloud standing still unless you have cloud shoes.
  • Some of the vowels in the residents' names are replaced with an apostrophe to make names "lighter".