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Marshal Dune is a minor character in Broken Age.

Biography[ | ]

Marshal Dune is a citizen of Shellmound who is running for Mayor.

Act 1[ | ]

In the first act, Marshal Dune is shown directing the creation of the Shellmound Maiden's Feast out of sand to an unseen character named Clarence. The problem arises when the ocean keeps knocking the sand castles over. Vella assists him by giving him sap to bind the sand. He then directs the Maiden's Feast with a shell instrument.

Act 2[ | ]

It is shown that Marshal Dune has gotten his shell instrument stuck in his windpipe after jumping in fear of Mog Chothra. Shay uses the Snake to dislodge the object. Dune then helps Shay make a mold for the Superconductive Gyroscopic Hypercam.

Quotes[ | ]

Vella: "Are you saying I smell bad?"

Dune: "Heavens no child! You smell like birthday cake and fluffy clouds. With a hint of fresh pine. Oh, and a dangerous undertone of snake! Very nice."

Vella: "About your bucket hat... I like it! Very fancy!"

Dune: "What? Fancy? But.. I'm a man of the people! I'm never going to win this election if I come off as haughty and elite! Here, take this away from me. I'm firing my stylist tomorrow."

Shay: "Thanks!"

Dune: "No thank you son for reminding me why I got into this business. I might look like a politician but underneath it all I'm just a guy who loves sand. Ooh that's good! I'm going to pass that along to my speech writer."

Trivia[ | ]

  • His name is a reference to the dunes of Shellmound
  • In the End Credits, Dune is shown with a mayoral sash overseeing the demolition of the wall of Loruna
  • Marshal Dune has a very good sense of smell