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Marek (voiced by David Kaufman) is a character in Broken Age.  He is a stowaway on the Bassinostra watching over Shay.

Story[ | ]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.
Marek first reveals himself after Shay sabotages the runaway train 'mission'. Marek claims to be a man in a wolf costume that has been watching Shay as he grew up.  Explaining why he wears his costume to Shay, he states he wears it in order to hide in Shay's toy piles to keep an eye on him.  Marek helps Shay break free of Mom 's grip after he manages to break one of the daily adventure simulators.  He tells Shay that the universe is at war and that Mom has been hiding it from them.  He says that they cannot stop it but that they both can save creatures that are being held hostage by a unknown enemy.  He gives Shay the ships controls and star charts so that they can save the alien hostages.

The ship soon discovers that they are capturing the survivors and stops them to prevent Shay from getting hurt.  Marek gives Shay a list of instructions to get the ship back in their control.  After Shay completes the three tasks, Marek gives Shay the controls again, but quickly becomes aggressive in tone as Shay attempts to save the last hostage.  The ship is then under attack and Marek is trapped under a steel girder which is fake but nobody noticed, yelling at Shay to go and find a safe place.

In Act 2, it is revealed that Marek's real name is Marekai, and he is a member of an elitist race called the Thrush that lives beyond the Plague Dam. The Thrush must collect "primitive" people from what they call the "Badlands" in order to diversify their gene pool.

Personality[ | ]

Marek has a quiet calming voice that can quickly become agressive.  He is angered easily but talks calmly to Shay so that he does not scare him off.  He becomes agressive quickly when Shay disobey his orders but he quickly calms down. When it is revealed that the ship is actually part of the artificial construct Mog Chothra and the "alien hostages" were actually kidnapped maidens, it may indicate that Marek has also a deceptive and manipulative nature as he was mainly responsible for this operation and may have tricked Shay into this. It is unknown how old Marek is, but since he says that he's been watching Shay grow up over the years, it is most likely that Marek is at least a few years older than Shay.

Alex claims that he had a cello named "Marek" who tricked him into helping him in a similar manner to the way the wolf tricked Shay. Since this happened over 300 years ago it could mean that Marek is over 300 years old assuming they are in fact one and the same.