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M'ggie is a minor character in Broken Age.

Biography[ | ]

M'ggie is a young girl who resides in Meriloft. She is the daughter of Walt'r and Car'l and is the older sister of Ch't. When Walter goes through a midlife crisis, he becomes devoted to the guru Harm'ny Lightbeard and his philosophy of lightness. Walter moves his entire family up to Harm'ny's village in the sky, Meriloft, so they can better study his teachings.

Act 1[ | ]

Vella meets M'ggie while she is tending to some eggs. She will give Vella the Ladder if she asks to borrow it. M'ggie tells Vella about the various birds and on how Harm'ny Lightbeard removes the feathervator which was originally used to carry people down to the forest below.

Act 2[ | ]

Shay meets M'ggie while she is selling cupcakes with Rocky to raise awareness about the lies of the Maidens Feast. Their goal is to ask enough questions and raise enough support to eventually take down the Mogs. She and Rocky will sell a cupcake to Shay if he has money.

Quotes[ | ]

Vella: "Want you ladder back?"

M'ggie: "Nah, keep it. I'm going to use it later as an excuse for not dusting the upper nests."

Vella: "Smart"

Rocky: "One cupcake at a time, each one is like a question."

M'ggie: "We go from town to town, selling cupcakes, asking questions. Until it's like a giant snowball of cupcakes and questions. Rolling on and on, getting bigger and bigger-"

Rocky: "Until it's big enough to take down a whole Mog itself!"

Trivia[ | ]

  • Maggie is a nickname for Margaret which comes from the Old Persian word for "pearl"
  • M'ggie wants name brand cloud shoes but is forced to wear ones that her mother makes
  • The End Credits show that Rocky baked a giant cupcake for M'ggie