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Inside Vella's House

Sugar Bunting
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Inside Vella's House is part of Vella's Storyline in Broken Age. Here, we are introduced to Vella's family, as well as the mysterious threat to her home of Sugar Bunting.

Inventory[ | ]


Walkthrough[ | ]

After following Rocky into the house, you will find it pitch black. After Vella says "Hello", click anywhere on the screen, and the lights will flash on, triggering a cutscene. Rocky wants to eat the cake (who doesn't want to eat cake?), but your Mother says you can't eat until she finds the ceremonial knife.

Click on the purple Towel at the bottom of the screen. You'll look underneath for the knife, and you won't find it, but you'll keep the towel for a later puzzle. Click the cupcakes underneath to get the Cupcake item.

Go talk to Gramps, the man sitting down. Talk through the dialogue tree to get more of the story information. Once he lets it slip that he has the knife, click off of Gramps, and open your inventory. Select the Cupcake, and drag it onto Gramps. When you are given the dialogue tree, select "Split it with you?", which will prompt him to pull out the Knife, cutting the treat in half. He will then throw the knife onto the table. Collect the knife, and bring it to your Mom.

If you want, before doing the above, you make talk to Dad and Levina for more backstory.