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Harm'ny Lightbeard is a minor character in Broken Age.

Biography[ | ]

Harmony Lightbeard is the guru and leader of Meriloft. As part of his teachings, he removed a letter of his name to make it "lighter."

Act 1[ | ]

Harm'ny is the leader of Meriloft, the place where Vella lands after escaping Sugar Bunting, her hometown. Levina, mentions Meriloft as she is preparing Vella for the Maidens Feast. She says that Meriloft already had their Maidens Feast and that they are hard to compete with because of all their beautiful feather decorations. Harmn'y has sectored off Meriloft from the rest of the world, making it almost impossible to leave. He also convinced everyone to enact in " lightness," which actually means giving up a vowel in your name, living in the clouds for the rest of your life, and taking care of oversized birds. Everyone is required to make an offering if they want to meet Harm'ny because the people of Meriloft do view him as a prophet, if not a god. Though he claims it is "an opportunity to make yourself lighter," though he actually gets to keep anything you offer to him through a complicated slide system. When Vella notices a golden egg fall out of his nest, he panics, grabbing feebly to get it back. Vella breaks his ladder, pulling it to the forest below. This traps Harm'ny on his cloud with no way to get down.

Act 2[ | ]

Shay finds Harm'ny guiding F'ther to get his cloud down. F'ther has attached a ladder to Harm'ny's cloud but is too afraid to climb up and bring Harm'ny down while Harm'ny refuses to climb down by himself. Shay helps F'ther untie Harm'ny's cloud, which reveals Harm'ny hoarding stash (where the golden age came from) and Harm'ny as a fraud. F'ther carries Harm'ny away and puts him in a cage where he stays for the rest of the game.

Quotes[ | ]

Vella: "Why are you up so high?"

Harm'ny: "I'm exactly as high up from Meriloft as Meriloft is from the forest below. To show that we're all equals."

Vella: "I don't get it."

F'ther: "Brother Lightbeard, what is all that stuff?"

Harm'ny: "I know it looks like a big hoarding junk pile, but you have to understand. I might need some of this stuff some day!"

Trivia[ | ]

  • The name Harmony refers to the word harmony, which is ironic considering Harm'ny's hoarding
  • Jack Black also voiced Eddy Riggs from Brutal Legend, another character by Double Fine
  • In the End Credits, it is shown that F'ther lets Harm'ny out of his cage