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Golden Egg is an item in Broken Age.

Obtaining[ | ]

All three golden eggs can be found in Meriloft. One can be found in the area behind the Nesting Grounds in a nest. There is a grumpy bird in that nest, so you will need the Cloud Safe Ladder to access it safely. The second egg is found with Jessie. You will need to give Jessie her egg back to receive it. To get the third egg, talk to Harm'ny on his cloud. Tell him you want to kill Mog Chothra and then ask him if he's using the egg. The egg will fall onto the area below him. Go back down the ladder and retrieve it.

Using[ | ]

In Meriloft, place all the eggs into Harm'ny's offering nests. Then jump on his ladder to make an entrance to the forest below.

Notes[ | ]

  • There are three of these eggs in the game.
  • The golden eggs are false eggs that the preeners put into the nests of birds who forget that they do not have eggs. They are made of gold so that they are too heavy for the birds to carry away.