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Getting the Radiation Suit

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Getting the Radiation Suit is part of Shay's Storyline.

Inventory[ | ]

Frostingless Cupcake
Walking Stick
Radiation Suit

Walkthrough[ | ]

Talk to Rocky and let them know you want to buy a cupcake. Move towards Vella's grandfather, and ask him for some money. Head back and buy the Cupcake. Give the cupcake to Walt'r, and then give the now Frostingless Cupcake to Vella's grandfather. He'll frost it again and give you his Walking Stick. Go to the great tree, and find the Dead Eye Druids. Ask about their robes and fight them for the material with the walking stick. This will give you the Material. Go down to the base of the tree and head left to get the Fruit and Tapper. Talk to the crying girl who wasn't chosen by Mog Chothra, and she'll make you a Radiation Suit.