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Fusion Orb Room

The Fusion Orb Room
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Fusion Orb Room is part of Shay's Storyline in Broken Age. A baby helmet?

Inventory[ | ]

Grabbin' Gary
Air Tank
Star Chart
Omicron Inhibitor
Whipped Cream Gun
Crochet Hook
Baby Spaceman Suit
Baby Helmet

Walkthrough[ | ]

Head down the hallway and get a radiation suit. Open your inventory and drag the Baby Helmet to equip it. (If you can't, you need to take all three teleporters until Shay's head is tiny. Walk around the ship taking different teleporters in sequence, ending with the yellow one.) Walk through the blue security door to go to down into the Fusion Orb containment room. Place the Omicron Inhibitor onto the Fusion Orb, and leave back into the Bassinostra.