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Fruit is an item in Broken Age.

Obtaining[ | ]

Vella: In the Giant Fruit Tree area of Meriloft, shake the tree on the lowest branch to the left. The fruit will fall through the clouds. Slide down the tree and go to the left. The fruit will be in an abandoned nest. This process can be repeated if you do not already have a fruit in your inventory.

Shay: In the Giant Fruit Tree area of Meriloft, slide down the tree and go to your left. Gus will be sitting in the abandoned nest surrounded by fruit. Tap one of the fruits at the base of the nest to ask if you can have one. Gus will oblige, and the fruit will be added to your inventory.

Using[ | ]

Vella: At any point, you can use the fruit on Vella. She will eat it and spit out the pit. You can also give the fruit to Curtis inside his house. He will take it for his detox smoothie. If you do either or both of these, go back to Meriloft and repeat the obtaining process. The fruit is also the answer to the Riddle of Yorn. After learning about the riddle, give the fruit to the Druids at the Dead Eye Pyramid to gain access to the inside.

Shay: Use the Eggshells and the fruit in Shay's father's patching mixture on the beach of Shellmound to alter its ph balance. You may have to use each item multiple times to get the perfect ph balance. Use the Spoon on the mixture to check the balance.