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Fix the Hexipal

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Fix the Hexipal is part of Shay's Storyline.

Inventory[ | ]

Crochet Hook
Singing Fish

Walkthrough[ | ]

Talk to Carol, and offer her the crochet hook. Tell the tree a good "tree joke", which will make him chuckle, dropping the Singing Fish. Use this joke:

What’s the smallest full-grown tree you ever heard of?

I’ve seen one no bigger than my hand.

A Palm Tree.

You'll also get the Singing Fish. Head back to Carol and give her the crochet hook, getting the Wire. Combine the wire with Shay's Hexipal and figure out the order by looking at the photo in Shay's Mom's room. Match the symbols on the left of the photo. Complete Vella's puzzles for the finale.