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F'ther is a minor character in Broken Age.

Biography[ | ]

F'ther is a devoted follower of Harm'ny Lightbeard's teachings. To "lighten" his name, Feather removed a few of its letters.

Act 1[ | ]

F'ther guards Harm'ny Lightbeard's cloud and only allows Vella up if she puts an offering into the baskets. He gets hit by a golden egg that falls from Harm'ny's cloud but recovers quickly.

Act 2[ | ]

F'ther hesitantly helps Shay reveal Harm'ny 's hoarding by untying the knot of his cloud. He condemns him as a fraud and a lier. F'ther angrily marches him to Shay to give him the spaceship part and pulls him offscreen. It is shown that F'ther puts Harm'ny in a cage so he can't cause any trouble.

Quotes[ | ]

"Oh no! My BOWLS!" (In response to Vella falling through the clouds)

Shay: "You sure you don't want to ride over the Plauge Dam with us F'ther?"

F'ther: "No, I need to go take care of Harm'ny. Good bye space boys!"

Trivia[ | ]

  • The name Feather means feather
  • In the End Credits, F'ther is shown letting Harm'ny out of his cell.