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Escape the Collided Ships

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Escape the Collided Ships is part of both Shay's and Vella's story.

Inventory[ | ]

Broken Radio

Walkthrough[ | ]

This is a two part mission, using both Shay and Vella. Once Alex's ship is up and running towards Loruna, you'll have to navigate past the original ship. Trigger Grabbin' Garry. Use Vella to trigger the death ray. Head down through the ship and through the door on the right to find the Broken Radio. Give it to the Hexipal. Require it and give the repaired radio to Alex. This will let you move about the ship freely. Move Shay downstairs and read the book in the lower left corner of the screen. This will give you a "harp playing" Hexipal configuration, which you should reproduce by verifying wire combinations at a charging station on the deck. Remember it (make a screenshot).

Use Garry controls while on the deck. Go downstairs, and enter the room to the left. Talk to the group with the Hexipal and guide them to the harp room. Have the Hexipal play the harp to distract rogue ones. Return to the power room on the left to get the Hammer, and have Shay move around the column to turn the Death Ray power back on.

Switch to Vella, go to Marekai terminal, grab a wire there. Find a broken Hexipal near Mom's room and repair it by repeating it's burnt colored pattern. This will give you a "hand waving" configuration. Remember it (make a screenshot).

Apply a "harp" configuration to Vella's Hexipal and use it on a Scarf below the Space Weaver. This will distract Mom and allow Vella to switch grabbing controls in Mom's room to manual.

Switch to Shay and upgrade his Hexipal with a hammer and a "waving" configuration. Set the Hexipal up by the drum to distract Alex. Go upstairs and have Shay trigger Gary.

Switch to Vella and use a Death Ray remote in the main hangar. This will ultimately melt both ships.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Players should be aware that if they control Vella to activate the Death Ray without taking the proper steps, that Alex will shut off the power.
    • Alternatively, if they control Shay to use Grabbin' Gary without following the proper steps, Hope will set back the controls back to central instead of manual.