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The Drumstick Maiden is a minor character in Broken Age.

Biography[ | ]

The Drumstick Maiden is an unnamed resident of Sugar Bunting who was selected for the Maiden's Feast. Her dress reads "Fun Size," and she holds a drumstick. She is the only maiden to be curvy while the rest are slim.

Act 1[ | ]

The Drumstick Maiden is eager to be taken by Mog Chothra during the Sugar Bunting Maiden's Feast. Unlike the other girls, she believes that Mog Chothra will be looking for a full-sized meal so she uses a drumstick to try and lure him so that he can eat her. A large bird bothers her during the feast, trying to take her drumstick. She drinks from a fizzy drink that Vella tosses her in exchange for her drumstick, but the drink explodes and soaks her. Vella offers her a towel, and she throws the drumstick to her. As soon as she dries off, she is eaten by Mog Chothra. She is the last maiden he eats before trying to eat before Vella.

Act 2[ | ]

The Drumstick Maiden and the other maidens are put into a small cell without food, where they discover Mog Chothra is a machine. They wait there, not knowing what is going on. Vella interacts with the maidens and gives them cereal. The Drumstick Maiden is one of the three maidens shown in the cell, although the others are revealed to be there. The Drumstick Maiden is later shown escaping the melting ships and getting to safety on one side of the newly formed bridge.

Quotes[ | ]

"I'm warning you buzzard, I will pluck you alive if you come near my food again!"

Bottled Water Maiden: "If you close your eyes, you can almost pretend it's rat!"

Drumstick Maiden: "Shhhh! I'm having a hard enough time pretending this stuff is cereal!"

Trivia[ | ]

  • In the End Credits, the Drumstick Maiden is shown getting ready to beat up Merek with some of the other maidens