Drucilla is one of the maidens of Shellmound.

Biography Edit

Act I Edit

Drucilla and her best friend Anastasia are thrilled to be chosen to be sacrifices to Mog Chothra, so the girls collect every fishhook in town to make elaborate outfits guaranteed to lure all sorts of Mogs.

Anastasia also puts on some Beast Hooker, an odor that is such a closely guarded family recipe she won't even let Drucilla use some. Unfortunately, it also seems to attract seagulls. Anastasia hurriedly gives the Beast Hooker to Vella in an attempt to get rid of the birds.

After the gulls buzz off, Drucilla and Anastasia practice singing a song meant to lure Mog Chothra as they wait for Marshall Dune to construct the arena for the Maiden's Feast. Once its finally built, Drucilla takes her place on top of a giant sandcastle. It doesn't take long before Mog Chothra appears and devours her.

Trivia Edit

  • Drucilla claims that she naturally exudes "Beast Hooker".