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Dead Eye Pyramid Beam Remote is an item in Broken Age.

Obtaining[ | ]

In the Dead Eye Pyramid, take out the Laser Coil and put the Stained Glass Sun in its place. Break the crystal below where the Laser Coil was and put the Laser Coil there. This will reconfigure the Dead Eye Pyramid's search beam into a death ray. Alex will give you the remote to use later.

Using[ | ]

During Shellmound's Maiden Feast, use the remote to take out all of Mog Chothra's tentacles except one. When firing at the tentacles, you may have to wait for periods of time for Alex's ship to cool down. When you have put the Cloud Safe Ladder into Mog Chothra's mouth, use the remote to fire the beam into his mouth.

When Escaping the Collided Ships, Shay must distract Alex long enough for Vella to fire the remote. This will cause both ships to melt down and the game to end.