Dead Eye Dawn (voiced by Ginny Wescott) is a character in Broken Age. She is part of the Dead Eye cult along with Dead Eye Courtney and helps guard the temple of the Dead Eye God. She is blind, but is able to "sense" her surroundings. She hinders Vella from entering the temple to see the Dead Eye God with the Riddle of Yorn .

Upon solving the Riddle of Yorn , it is revealed to be a riddle given to her by a girl named Becky Yorn who often pokes fun at--or is poked fun at by--Dawn and Courtney.

In the Act 2, she along with Courtney is seen praying at the fruit tree in Meriloft, reciting the Riddle of Yorn. If Shay has a stick (the cane from Grandpa Beastender ) he can attack them, only to be almost hit and then discover that Dawn and Courtney just became Dead Eye druids to hang out with each other. They both lied about being blind because they thought the other was actually blind. After that, they just leave their clothes and fall through the clouds naked while holding hands.The Whoops-A-Birdy is shown taking them away. Their current location is unknown but she is seen studying with Courtney in the end credits.