Dead Eye Courtney (voiced by Nicki Rapp) is a character in Broken Age. She is a member of the Dead Eye religious cult along with Dead Eye Dawn.


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Courtney and Dawn are guards that block the way into the Dead Eye God's chamber. She and Dawn give Vella a riddle to solve in order for her to pass. It is called the Riddle of Yorn and turns out to be from a friend of theirs, Becky Yorn. After she solves the riddle, they allow her to enter. When Vella exits the chamber with Alex, Courtney and Dawn both faint by Alex's sight.

In Act 2, Shay meets Courtney and Dawn worshipping at the peach tree in Meriloft. Now that the Dead Eye God has been revealed to be a simple human named Alex , the two are looking for a new cult to join. At first they came to Meriloft to investigate Harm'ny Lightbeard, but as he was out of commission, they were forced to find an alternate solution.

After Shay challenges Courtney and Dawn to a fencing duel in order to acquire the fabric of their robes, the two girls reveal to each other that they are in fact not blind, but just faking it for the other's sake. Courtney tells Dawn that she's always wanted to go to college to study hotel management, and Dawn tells Courtney that she wants to study graphic design and start a band. The two declare that they've found something to believe in—each other. Holding hands, they fall naked through the clouds and are caught by a Whoopsie-Birdy who carries them away from Meriloft. In the game's end credits, the two girls are seen from behind studying together, with books on hotel management and game design strewn around them.