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Curtis is a minor character appearing in Broken Age.

Biography[ | ]

He is a lumberjack by trade and enjoys flannel shirts and collecting vintage furniture. He used to date Becky Yorn, author of the Riddle of Yorn. He does not miss her at all.

Act 1[ | ]

Curtis is a woodworker, but the forest where he gets his wood from has magical talking trees who yell at him when he tries to cut him down. This has resulted in him boarding his cabin up and hiding in paranoia and fear of trees coming to get him. He even tore the trees out of pictures he has out of fear that they were "staring at him." However, he still loves to woodwork, especially making stools, and will happily carve any non-talking piece of wood people bring to him. He made stools for Vella, Dead Eye Courtney and Dead Eye Dawn when they brought him large pieces of driftwood.

Act 2[ | ]

In the second half of the game, Curtis has moved on from wood and to metal working. He is only a beginner though and makes metal sculptures out of pre-made molds. He helps Shay to make a Superconductive Gyroscopic Hypercam.

Quotes[ | ]

Vella: "Are you sure you don't want this art?"

Curtis: "No, you ruined it."

"Oh man. I feel a stool coming on!"

Shay: "What are you making there?"

Curtis: "Art. Forged from metal. I used to work with wood but it was getting all trendy, thetreesstartedtalking, and there was no money in it so I got into metal."

Trivia[ | ]

  • The name Curtis comes from a Spanish word meaning "polite"
  • Curtis was originally cut from the game, but fans liked his character so the developers brought him back
  • Curtis a hipster, he bought a piece of abstract art (Alex's circuit control router) from a shady girl in Shellmound, either Cortney or Dawn, so he could hang it ironically even though he didn't like it
  • During the End Credits, Curtis is shown selling Superconductive Gyroscopic Hypercams as candle holders at a craft fair
  • Curtis is featured on the Double Fine Adventure poster, but in his earlier design
  • Curtis is the first character revealed for the game, but was not named or specified as of what his role would be
  • Curtis was featured in another Double Fine game, Costume Quest 2. He wanders around the first area, and his only line is "I feel like the trees are looking at me"