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Ch't is a minor character in Broken Age.

Biography[ | ]

Ch't is M'ggie's younger brother and the son of Walt'r and Car'l. His name was most likely Chet before he removed a letter to "lighten" it. When Chet's father went through his midlife crisis, he became devoted to the guru Harm'ny Lightbeard and his philosophy of lightness. Walter moved his entire family into the town of Meriloft so they could better study his teachings.

Act 1[ | ]

Chet -now called Ch't- enthusiastically embraces his new life in the sky and seems to enjoy his job as a preener, taking care of the various bird nests. He also replaces lost eggs with heavy gold ones so the birds won't fly away with them and lose them.

The day after their Maidens Feast, a large bird named Jessie arrives home carrying a girl named Vella. She introduces herself to him and Walt'r and explains that she was a Sugar Bunting maiden, but fought back against Mog Chothra, escaping with Jessie's help.

Act 2[ | ]

After Vella goes missing and her family comes to Meriloft, Ch't excitedly begins training with Vella's grandfather, Brommel, to become a warrior.

Quotes[ | ]

Ch't: "Stay on the twigs or you'll ... eat a pig!"

Walt'r: "No freestyling, Ch't."

Ch't: "Sorry, Pop."

Ch't: "Ok old man, this time you're going down! Raaahhh! (get's poked with cane) Uh! Ow. How'd you do that?"

Brommel: (Sighs)

Trivia[ | ]

  • Chet is a nickname for Chester which comes from the English word meaning "fortress"
  • Ch't claims that all girls from Shellmound smell like old seaweed
  • In the End Credits, Ch't is shown cheering his mother's fishing skills