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Ceremonial Knife is an item in Broken Age.

Obtaining[ | ]

Inside Vella's House, use the cupcake on Grandpa Beastender. Offer to split the cupcake with him. He will use the knife to cut the cupcake. When he offers you half, take the knife on the shelf. In Meriloft, you can find the knife in the Nesting Grounds on top of a nest. You will need the ladder to reach it.

Using[ | ]

Inside Vella's House, use the knife on any person except Vella or Grandpa Beastender. Additionally, you could use it on the cake or the pies. This will trigger the transition into Sugar Bunting's Maiden Feast. During the feast, after you have attached yourself to the bird, use the knife on your dress to escape. In Meriloft, give the knife to Car'l after she loses her's.