Carol is Walt'r's wife and the mother of Ch't and M'ggie. She is voiced by Catherine Cavadini.

In acquiescence to Harm'ny Lightbeard's teachings, Carol has "lightened" her name by removing one of its letters.


When Carol's husband Walter goes through a midlife crisis, he becomes devoted to the guru Harm'ny Lightbeard and his philosophy of lightness. Walter drags his entire family up to Harm'ny's village in the sky, Meriloft, so they can better study his teachings.

Although Carol can't help but wish that her husband would have a more normal midlife crisis like having an affair instead of joining a cloud cult, she does her best to adapt to life in the sky.

Act I Edit

Carol -now called Car'l to make her name "lighter"- spends her days crafting Cloud Shoes, a special kind of footwear that distributes the weight of a person over a greater surface area so that they may easily walk over the clouds without sinking through them.

Making these shoes is all Car'l's got in her life at the moment, so she is devastated when Vella startles her, causing her to drop the knife she uses to craft through the clouds.