• Егор Андреев

    I didn't play DoubleFine's games, only this one. So, I don't know, are they always making endings like this. I liked this game, and I think that not necessarily, but they can make the 3rd act, or, the second game with this characters. There still is а space for creativity.

    P.S.: count my mistakes.

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  • Szymoniscool2007

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    April 13, 2014 by Szymoniscool2007

    My Twitter is @szymciu2007. I love twitter!

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  • TheBlueRogue

    Hello Broken Age Wikians,

    I'm here to announce the implementation of a spoiler system that will allow easier editing of articles and plot details. Since the game itself is extremely plot based, I have noticed people having difficulty writing new articles on characters/locations/items of the game without feeling like they are spoiling the plot for other readers.

    When creating writing articles that contain spoiler details, use:

    This allows the Skip Section Link to jump to the end of the spoiler section.

    Using the Spoiler Template will result in this visual element.

    This gives a clear header to readers that spoilers will follow and has a simple link that will skip the entire section if there are any readers that wish to avoid it. 

    Please use this s…

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