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Bassinostra, Part II

The Bassinostra
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Bassinostra, Part II is part of Shay's Storyline in Broken Age. Here we discover the mysterious Prima Doom. What in the world could it hold?

Inventory[ | ]

Grabbin' Gary
Air Tank

Walkthrough[ | ]

Talk to Marek, and choose "The distress call was from Prima Doom? How do we get there?" to get the Star Chart for Prima Doom. Choose "How are we going to take down the shields?" to get an Omicron Inhibitor.

Go back to the Space Weaver, and give him the Star Chart. It doesn't work, but you can travel to three places: Smile System, Puppy Planetoid, and Cozy Cluster. Choose "No way! I HAVE to go to Prima Doom right now!", then "Forget it. if we can't go to Prima Doom, I don't want to go anywhere." to skip traveling if you'd like.

The Mother AI will tell you a story. Walk up the stairs, and enter the dialogue tree. Go back down the stairs and to the left, and walk through the golden door. Go through that into the Kitchen door. Immediately at the bottom, grab the Knife. Exit.

Exit into the corridor on the right, and go past the staircase. Go to the door on the right. To the right of the yarn pals playing cards, grab the Whipped Cream Gun, and exit back to the corrdior. Keep going right until you get to the Friendship Circle room. Go down the stairs and talk to the yarn buddy in pain, and choose "Hey, maybe I can fix your back." to get the Crochet Hook. Go back out to the corridor, and take the exit to the right.

Click on the blue door, which will take you to a nexus of teleporters. Use the red door teleporter to go to the Hall of Heroes. Click the blue Baby Spaceman Suit, then the Baby Helmet attached to it, to add both to your inventory. Go through the crawl space to your right.

You're now in Marek's bedroom. Exit to the right to go back to the control room. Go to the navigation room and talk to the Space Weaver. Choose "Cozy Cluster". Hop down the ladder, and use the crochet hook on the NavScarf.

You want the pattern to look this this:


This will send you to Prima Doom. Go through the door to your left. Go right, and you'll see the two doors again. Choose the door on the left now. In the Nexus, choose the middle golden teleporter.