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The Bassinostra
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Bassinostra is part of Shay's Storyline in Broken Age. We find new friends - and maybe new enemies.

Inventory[ | ]

Grabbin' Gary
Air Tank
Star Chart

Walkthrough[ | ]

Going through the vent will put Shay in Marek's control room. Marek will tell you your next mission and give you a Star Chart to the Talon Nebula.

Go to the left and click on the crawl space to get to the navigation room. Here, you'll meet the Space Weaver, a robot who knits NavScarfs to travel through time and space. Give him the Star Chart, and he'll send you to the Talon Nebula. Afterwards, go back through the crawl space to get back to Marek.

Talk to Marek here, and he'll talk you through using the boom arms. When you are in control, click the green blinking button to lower the shields. When the boom arm is over the creature, click the red blinking button. Now follow the blips on the radar to find the other creatures. After you complete this, Marek will give you a Star Chart to Danger System 5.

Go back to the Navigation Room, and give him the chart just like before. Do the mission, then return to Marek. A cutscene will occur after this mission.