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Alex is a minor character in Broken Age.

Biography[ | ]

Alex is the Dead Eye god, as his ship crash-landed on Vella's planet, which he believes is different from his after he tried to hack into the ship's controls.  He attempted to fix the ship, but he became enveloped with being called a god.  He later put himself in cryogenic stasis for 300 years as he became annoyed by the worshippers. Alex is a grown man that tends to stutter as he talks.  Because he was called a god, he most likely got a god complex as he was worshiped but quickly became annoyed.  He is nervous as he talks to Vella and tends to ramble on and explain more than needed.

Act 1[ | ]

 Vella manages to wake Alex, and he attempts to restart his ship.  After Vella messes with two devices in the ship, she manages to create a death ray.  Since Vella helped wake up Alex, she and he use it to kill Mog Chothra, but the use of the ray puts Alex's ship at risk of a meltdown.

Act 2[ | ]

Alex's ship nearly melting down, and the components of the death ray have welded shut. It is revealed that Shay is, in fact, not a younger Alex and that Alex's ship was an old Mog. Also, it is discovered that Alex never left his home planet. Shay helps Alex fix his ship by bringing him missing parts. Alex, Shay, Shay's father and Vella's family leave on the ship to find Vella. Alex spends the majority of the time attempting to contact Loruna. Shay distracts Alex long enough for Vella to melt down the ships. Alex escapes along with the others.

Quotes[ | ]

Vella: "Nailed it!"

Alex: "What have you done?"

Vella: "Uh... fixed your ship?"

Alex (example of rambling): "You put the amplifying quartz AFTER the Laser Coil! If I powered up the beam in this configuration... I mean, the thermal feedback alone could melt down my entire ship! I could conceivably, release the extra energy our of the targeting iris, but that would only... produce a powerful, weaponized... Well heck. Let's just call a death ray a death ray."

Vella: "Yay!"

(Time travel exchange)

Alex: "That outfit..."

Shay: "Operation Dandelion..."

Alex: "Are you..."

Shay: "Are you... me from the future?"

Alex: "Are you me from the past?"

Shay: "I can't believe what I'm seeing!"

Alex: "This is amazing! I'm not sure the world is ready for two of us!"

Shay: "Yeah, our parents would probably agree, one Shay is enough."

Alex: "Yeah! Wait, who's Shay?"

Shay: "We're Shay."

Alex: "My name is Alex, I don't remember ever being called Shay."

Shay: "You didn't grow up on the Bassinostra?"

Alex: "No, I grew up on the Maloruna."

Shay: "Oh then were not..."

Alex: "I guess not."

Trivia[ | ]

  • The name Alex comes from the Greek word meaning "warrior"
  • Alex's attire is similar to Shay's, supporting the fact that he and Shay come from the same planet
  • He gives the name of his destroyed planet: Loruna
  • When Vella tells him that she's from Sugar Bunting, Alex asks if that's anyway related to Steel Bunting, the name of Sugar Bunting before the town went soft as Brommel said, which is "full of badasses." This means that Steel Bunting was still around when Alex put himself into cryogenic containment
  • When Shay and Alex meet for the first time, Shay assumes that he sees his future self. This might be poking fun at the fan theory at the time. Fans thought that Alex was Shay from the future. It is quickly revealed that it is not the case
  • In the End Credits, it is shown that Alex has reconnected with his decedents and serves them food